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Wellness Plans

piwlogomPartners in Wellness Plans
The Veterinarians and staff of Wellington Veterinary Clinic believe in preventive wellness. This is accomplished through routine comprehensive exams, vaccinations, parasite prevention, good oral health and client education encompassing nutrition and behavior.

We also understand the financial concerns of wanting to provide the best for your pet and the challenges of fitting that yearly or twice yearly visit into your already tight budgets.

Our preventive care plans are designed to provide all of the annual preventive recommendations from our veterinarians to you with an affordable monthly payment. Not only will your pet receive comprehensive care twice a year, but (while enrolled in the program) if you are ever concerned about your pet’s health (suddenly not feeling well, appearance of a lump, etc) we have included “unlimited” Peace of Mind exams into these plans (at no additional cost!). In addition, parasite prevention is an important component to overall health therefore our plans also include discounts on monthly preventatives.

To enroll your pet and have the peace of mind you are providing the best care follow the link below. If you have additional questions, please call our office at 970-568-7387.